Gender Pay Gap Summary

This information has been prepared by our HR manager from our payroll records, in accordance with the Equality Action 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulation 2017, and has been validated internally.

At the Snapshot Date 5th April 2022, we had 276 employees. This document reports the difference between the mean and median hourly earnings and bonuses of the men and women employed on that date.

We are confident we pay women and men equally for doing equivalent jobs across the business, but our UK Gender Pay Gap shows that we have more men in higher paying roles and more men with greater bonus earning opportunities. This is largely due to the distribution of men and women in technical roles which dominate quartile 3 and 4.

We are committed to ensuring we provide equality of opportunity and reward for all our employees, providing support and tackling any unconscious bias in the workplace.


Workforce Gender Distribution

At 5th April 2022            M                F

Workforce %                 76.75          23.25

Workforce No             
  214               62


Gender split showing number of employees by Quartile, where all employees are ranged lowest hourly earnings in Q1 to highest hourly earnings in Q4.

%           M          F

Q1         61         39

Q2        58         42

Q3        93          7

Q4        95         5


Gender Pay Gap           

Hourly Rate                     M              F               Diff               % Pay Gap

Mean                              £17.62       £12.11          £5.51           31.27

Median                           £15.86       £11.07         £4.79           30.20


Receiving Bonus

  M          F

31%      37%


Annual Bonus Pay       

Hourly Rate                            M                        F                         Diff                      % Pay Gap

Mean                               £8,240.16         £2,612.01             £5,628.14                     63.80

Median                           £1,875.00         £1,000.00              £875.00                      46.67


Prepared 31/03/2023

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