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Greater safety.




Technical data.


Instead of using conventional mirrors, the new Actros comes equipped with the innovative, aerodymamically designed MirrorCam.*

Besides cutting fuel consumption by up to 1.3%, it provides an ideal view rearward and around the area of the A Pillar. In addition, the MirrorCam improves safety, for example by automatically panning the camera image when manoeuvring, turning corners or changing lanes.

*Not available on all ADR vehicles.


Active Brake Assist 5

The fifth generation of the system assists the driver in that,  under ideal conditions and within the system’s capabilities, it can perform emergency braking when approaching stationary and moving objects, and perform partial or full braking for moving pedestrians thus mitigating or even preventing accidents entirely.


Download Active Brake Assist 5 Innovation Guide


Sideguard Assist.

This optionally available system can assist the driver during cornering or lane changing by detecting moving and stationary objects in the warning zone on the right or in the tracking pattern in certain situations* and providing visual and audible warnings for the driver.

*Within the system’s limits. Under optimal conditions


Active Drive Assist

This new driving assistance system helps the driver to maintain a safe distance from the traffic ahead and to keep the vehicle in the entre of the lane. On long monotonous stretches in particular, it offers a high level of safety and stress-reducing comfort for enhanced driver safety.*

*Not available on all models.


Download Active Drive Assist Innovation Guide


Trailer Stability Assist.

This system enhances driving safety by performing preventive braking of the vehicle and trailer in exceptional driving situations, thereby stabilising the truck and trailer combination.


High/low beam and cornering light

Bi-xenon headlamps.

Parking brake, electronic.

It is automatically activated when the engine is turned off – but can also be turned on and off by operating the lever in the cockpit. To ensure an even greater level of safety, the electronic parking brake is also automatically activated in the event of the door being opened when the engine is running and the speed is 0 km/h.



Camera integration.

LED tail lamps

The new LED tail lamps* make a decisive statement, notably thanks to the cascade turn signal function which flows from the inside of the vehicle towards the outside to clearly signal the intended direction.

*Optional equipment.


Traffic Sign Assist

In suitable conditions, the new assistance system recognises certain traffic signs in real time and displays the two most important signs in the instrument cluster for enhanced safety and driving comfort.*

*Not available for Atego. Not available in conjunction with Classic cockpit, option in conjunction with Multimedia Cockpit, standard in conjunction with Multimedia Cockpit, interactive.


Multimedia Cockpit*

The multimedia Cockpit, interactive is an expansion of the Multimedia Cockpit. The central display has a 12″ screen and permits choice between two screen designs. It also includes a navigation system, Traffic Sign Assist and Remote Online for the control of various functions via the smartphone.

* Not available on all models.

Multimedia Cockpit, interactive*

The multimedia Cockpit, interactive is an expansion of the Multimedia Cockpit. The central display has a 12″ screen and permits choice between two screen designs. It also includes a navigation system, Traffic Sign Assist and Remote Online for the control of various functions via the smartphone.

* Not available on all models.

Interior design.

On the move and on breaks alike, the interior of the new Actros is a continual source of fresh motivation for the tough job in long-distance haulage and heavy-duty distribution haulage.

Stowage facilities.

Anyone who spends a lot of time on the road needs space of their own. And space for the essentials that are on board during long journeys. This is why the cabs of the Actros offer particularly spacious interiors – with vast amounts of stowage space.

Enhanced Predictive Powertrain Control

The system integrates a driving style optimised for the route topography into the operation of the automatic transmission and, in conjunction with the precisely coordinated shift strategy, allows fuel savings of up to 5% to be achieved. The new extended functions of Predictive Powertrain Control now enable use of the system’s benefits on A and B roads, too. In additional to the satellite-based positioning system and precise 3D maps, Predictive Powertrain Control also uses the Traffic Sign Assist feature.

Enhanced Uptime

With Mercedes-Benz Uptime we are pursuing a clear objective: to permanently minimise unscheduled vehicle downtime and to make repairs predictable resulting in increased vehicle availability.

Reduced fuel consumption.

The lower your fuel consumption, the lower your overall costs.

Low total costs.

Our trucks are especially economical vehicles at your disposal.However, the attractive Mercedes-Benz services and the expected high residual value at the end of the service life also ensure low costs.

Giving you that extra edge.

During the construction of our trucks, we always use the strictest quality standards: Real-life requirements. Or in short: Your requirements.

For us, this means providing you with trucks that operate without a hitch, even in extreme conditions and in difficult terrain. In other words: “Trucks you can trust”.

As your partner who helps you to master your daily transport tasks efficiently, we will continue to put our all into ensuring you have reliable vehicles at your disposal. With the wealth of experience that comes from more than 120 years in vehicle manufacturing. With trucks boasting robust components that have been tried and tested thousands of times and equipment designed to cope with the topographic and climatic conditions that prevail where the vehicles are to be operated.

Tested to the highest standards: yours.

From the windscreen wiper to the brake lamp – at Mercedes-Benz, reliability is built-in as standard. This comes from a recognition that every component is important – right from the design and development stage.

Development and testing.

The reliability of a truck is determined in the development stage. To this end, defined reliability targets are set for each individual part and assembly and for the truck as a whole.

Work at the Development and Testing Centre in Wörth draws on the extensive experience available here, applying the very latest scientific methods and focusing on our customers’ expectations. We test all aspects of our trucks’ robustness, durability and reliability.

Engine performance data.

Economical, reliable Euro VI engines in four displacement categories. Future-oriented technology, up to 460 kW (625 hp) and 3000 Nm maximum torque.

Download Power curves, OM 936 – 7.7l

Download Power curves, OM 470, 2nd Generation – 10.7 l

Download Power curves, OM 471, 2nd Generation – 12.8 l

Download Power curves, OM 473 – 15.6 l


Cab Variants.

With 17 cab variants in two widths, with five roof shapes (CompactSpace, ClassicSpace, StreamSpace, BigSpace and GigaSpace) and three engine tunnel variants (320 mm, 170 mm, level floor), the Actros offers an ideal cab variant for practically all requirements in terms of space, equipment and comfort.


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