Our Christmas Donation to Local Night Shelters


Intercounty helps with Christmas donations to local night shelters.

Last December our Accounts team at our Wellingborough location collected food for the local homeless people which proved very successful with two large hampers being filled. 

Such was the success and goodwill developed from the initiative that they collected again for this year's festive season for both local food banks and shelters. 

The local night shelter has asked for whatever we can spare for donations, in particular toiletries and food, and of course the staff at Intercounty Truck & Van are more than happy to help out! We asked Maria Borg, the Project Manager at the East Northants Community Service http://encs.org.uk/ for a little background on what they do as a charity, and what our donations mean to them:

"We are a charity known as East Northants Community Services, headed by East Northants Faith Group.The Sanctuary Night Shelter celebrated its 10th year in March 2018. We have 6 beds in the night shelter where homeless people can get a meal, a shower and a warm bed for the night. All clients are offer support with help to find more permanent accommodation and benefit advise, also counselling and substance misuse support.

On average we support 100 people per year and last year we successfully rehoused 50% into suitable accommodation.

We open up to more people during S.W.E.P (Severe Weather Emergency Protocol) This is when the temperature drops to 0 and below for 3 consecutive nights or more.  The councils then have a duty to ensure no one spends a night on the street. We are their designated shelter at this time. Last year we had 15 more clients.

We have 6 projects running under ENCS. They are: The Cornerfield Cafe, Repaint scheme (recycled paint), Recovery House (rehab facilities), Rushden Foodbank and The Sanctuary Night shelter. 

All our projects are based in Rushden, Northamptonshire.

We are extremely grateful for the donations given by Intercounty Truck and Van Ltd. These items will go a long way in supporting the most vulnerable in our society. We Thank you  very much. Merry Christmas to you all".

Thank you to all the staff at Intercounty Truck & Van who have generously donated to the local charities. You donations go a long way to help those who need it most, and every little thing you donate makes a huge difference.