Genuine Mercedes-Benz Service & Brake Kits


Big savings on the whole kit and caboodle.

Genuine Mercedes-Benz Service & Brake Kits from Intercounty Truck and Van.

Considerable savings are available in kit form across most of the model range. Genuine Mercedes-Benz Service and Brake Kits are a great way of ensuring you get everything you need for the job whilst saving more than simply buying the odd part or component. Kits feature the same premium parts you would buy individually... but cost you less.   

Filter Kit RRP: £174 (separately: £217)    
Brake Kit RRP: £408 (separately: £459)

Speak to your local Intercounty dealer to help identify the specific kit for your requirements.

Save up to 20% Purchasing Kits vs. Individual Parts.

† Cost savings based on Actros.