4 in 10 business drivers have been given points

Fines for Business Owners

Statistics showed that 4 in 10 business drivers have been given points on their license for work-related offences, highlighting that there is a potential need for action over driver behavior and / or safety.

Earlier this year the Department for Transport released UK accident data reporting a rise in road casualties of 6% overall. Focusing on commercial operators - HGV’s, LCV’s and vans saw an increase of 10% in casualties. Following this study telematics supplier, Masternaut, conducted a survey of 2,000 employees whose job involves driving with the purposes of understanding the effect of penalty points accumulated when driving for work.

As a whole, 39% of business drivers said they had received points on their license for work related misdemeanors with 62% of those occurring from speeding offences.

Other offences committed included driving without reasonable consideration (15%), driving without due care or attention (14%, traffic light related offences (14%) and dangerous driving (10%).

Although 7 out of 10 of the drivers surveyed, stated that they felt confident in knowing all the laws of the road more than half of business drivers agreed that training would make them better/safer drivers.