System Technician (All Locations)


System Technician - Job Vacancy (All Locations)


Comprehensive diagnosis and repair of malfunctions.

Using comprehensive system specialist knowledge and a high diagnostic authority, will carry out independently extensive orders for repair and re-establish efficiently the serviceability of the customer vehicle.

With expert status and attitude to brand and product, will promote the image of the product and the service organisation.


•           Formulation of difficult and complex diagnoses using up-to-date diagnosis technology, approaches/methods, and procedures

•           Complete the processing of diagnosis methods determined by the diagnosis support systems and based on complaints resulting in object-specific fault searches and repairs

•           Independently plans and carries out all complex repair work while using all available workshop information systems necessary to restore system functions

•           Carries out complex disassembly/assembly procedures, including adjustments and adjustment operations with independent quality control single-handedly, e.g. repair of automatic transmissions or rectification of engine running complaints

•           Installs additional, extensive and complex components and systems using the instructions and can connect them to the vehicles systems and professionally put them into operation

•           Independently carries out final inspections and function tests on all complex repair work

•           Parameterises with the help of technologies/systems, and performs data transfer/updates software

•           Guides maintenance technicians in extensive repair operations case-by-case in teamwork and supervises quality and safety

•           Clarifies complex diagnosis jobs directly with the customer in cooperation with the diagnostic technician and/or service advisor

•           Advises customers before and after diagnosis and repair work on a case-by-case basis or for Service on the Road advisors, service advisors and diagnostic technicians regarding technical questions and fitting optional extras, as well as showing them how to handle these to improve customer care

•           Provides for professional re-documentation, e.g. software updates, guarantee processes and legally necessitated jobs requiring documentation (e.g. emissions inspection, tachograph testing according to local regulations

•           Diagnosis and repair services and performed for defined and qualified specialities:

- drive and power systems/functions

- road adhesion and driving safety systems/functions

- comfort and safety systems/functions

- telecommunications and HMI systems/functions

- accident repairs and body structures


Skilled, certified technical specialist in an automotive service occupation.


  • Analytical Thinking

Analyses and synthesises a wide range of information in order to draw conclusions or make decisions.

  • Customer Orientation

Focuses on the needs of the customer in the execution of the role and works to deliver customer satisfaction.

  • Disciplined Work Approach

Tackles tasks in a structured systematic manner, ensuring completion to plan and to quality standards.

  • Flexibility

Prompts and responds to different ways of working in the face of changing situations.

  • Team Working

Contributes positively to a team in order to achieve common business objectives.


If you feel you have the right skills for the job, please contact Shirley Pendered in the first instance on 01933 232600 or email