Diagnostic Technician (All Locations)


Diagnostic Technician - Job Vacancy (All Locations)


  • Systematically carrying out complex fault diagnosis, monitoring the repair process, carrying out final checks and, if required, handing over the vehicle to the customer.
  • Providing advice and support to fellow technicians during repairs
  • Supporting colleagues in the workshop in systematic fault diagnosis.
  • Documenting the results of the diagnosis. Informing colleagues in the workshop of technical innovations and communicating important information regarding fault diagnosis.


  • Analytical Thinking - Analyses and synthesizes a wide range of information in order to draw conclusions or make decisions.
  • Customer Orientation - Focuses on the needs of the customer in the execution of the role and works to deliver customer satisfaction.
  • Disciplined Work Approach - Tackles tasks in a structured systematic manner, ensuring completion to plan and to quality standards.
  • Flexibility - Prompts and responds to different ways of working in the face of changing situations.
  • Team Working - Contributes positively to a team in order to achieve common business objectives.



  • Trained, certified technician in an automotive/engineering/plant service field.
  • Competency in electrical and diagnostic repairs


  • Systematically making professional, complex diagnoses of the vehicle using corresponding diagnostic tools and facilities
  • If required, contacting customers to obtain additional information on faults
  • If required, carrying out trouble diagnosis under dynamic test conditions on the stand and/or road
  • Determining the cause of a particular fault and determining/initiating possible measures to alleviate the problem
  • Comparing the actual condition of a vehicle with current production configuration and assessing its technical condition
  • Documenting diagnostic method of procedure in a suitable diagnostic database
  • In cases of complex technical problems, approaching the corresponding contact persons in Support Centre (e.g. technical hotline, plants)
  • Taking guidelines on environmental and health protection into consideration, as well as labour safety when compiling diagnosis
  • Advising and supporting workshop staff during trouble diagnosis
  • Ensuring workshop staff carry out diagnosis systematically
  • Advising and supporting workshop staff in their search for information
  • Arranging for the repair work which the diagnosis reveals is necessary to be carried out using the prescribed tools and equipment, with the agreement of the workshop, or, if required, to carry this out
  • Controlling / carrying out adjustments which the diagnosis reveals are necessary
  • Supervising / ensuring the required accuracy and quality of work
  • Arranging for technically advanced optional extras to be installed post-sale, supervising this process or installing these personally and ensuring they are functioning
  • With the agreement of the Service Advisor, carrying out final check of repaired vehicles with respect to extent of repairs done, roadworthiness and operational reliability, using test and measuring equipment
  • Checking operational reliability of major components and running gear under dynamic test conditions
  • Checking the vehicle is in an appropriate condition to leave the Service area
  • With the agreement of the Service Advisor, personally handing over the repaired vehicles and, if required, to explaining the results of the diagnosis as well as what work has been carried out
  •  If necessary, giving the customer additional instructions on handling
  • Upon the customer’s request or on the orders of the Service Advisor, carrying out a final test run with the customer
  • If necessary, providing the customer with information regarding the invoice and recommending additional services
  • Giving colleagues in the workshop technical advice and information regarding product-specific problems
  • Establishing and fostering contact to contacts in central Service units in order to clarify problems and solve difficult technical problems
  • Regularly passing on data on results of diagnoses (diagnostic database) to contacts in relevant Support Centers
  • Independently learning about new vehicle systems, both in terms of structure and function, and passing on this knowledge to colleagues in the workshop or, if and when required, to customers
  • Advising customers regarding technical questions and fitting optional extras, as well as showing them how to handle these
  • Compiling technical product reports on vehicle defects, descriptions of causes and suitable optimisation measures and reaching agreement on these with the Service Advisor
  • Arranging for and monitoring orders for special tools which are required for diagnostic purposes, in agreement with the workshop management
  • Adhere to Health & Safety Policies and Procedures at all times.


If you feel you have the right skills for the job, please contact Shirley Pendered in the first instance on 01933 232600 or email recruitment@intercounty.org.uk